Wednesday Wars

Wednesday Wars is a book that narrates the story of  Holling Hoodhood, a seventh grader living on Long Island in 1967. He attends a school in which the students are either Catholic or Jewish and attend their religious education classes every Wednesday. Holling, however, is the only child in his school who isn’t Catholic or … [En savoir plus / Read more…]


Matilda is a very interesting book about a little girl (Matilda), who was born in a family who  did not understand the importance of reading books and going to school. Her father was a crook and her family’s main activity was watching television. Matilda, on the other hand, was a little genius who read and wrote perfectly … [En savoir plus / Read more…]

Harriet the Spy

Harriet the Spy, is a title that suits well the eleven year old Harriet M Welsh. She is a (fairly) accomplished spy who even has her own spy route. Every afternoon, she goes around her neighborhood, spying and writing secrets down in her super-secret notebooks. She spies on everybody including her best friends and her … [En savoir plus / Read more…]

Arsène Lupin

Les histoires Arsène Lupin ont d’abord commencé dans des magazines en tant que  histoires courtes qui narraient les aventures du gentleman-cambrioleur, Arsène Lupin. Elles sont toutefois devenues si populaires, que l’auteur a commencé à en faire des romans. Le personnage principal, Arsène Lupin, est un jeune homme extrêmement malin qui, grâce à sa ruse, était le plus redouté … [En savoir plus / Read more…]

Les Colombes du Roi-Soleil

Cette collection m’a été conseillée par une lectrice de mon blogue qui habite à Paris et que je viens juste de rencontrer alors qu’elle était en vacances au Canada (merci Julie)! Les Colombes du Roi-Soleil est une série de livres qui narrent les différentes aventures de jeunes filles nobles (mais dont les familles sont ruinées) dans … [En savoir plus / Read more…]