I picked up this book as it was written by the author as a series I really enjoy, Clementine. Pax, is the wonderful friendship story of a young boy, Peter, and Pax, a…fox. When war broke out, Peter’s father voluntarily enrolls in the army. Peter has to go and live with his grandfather, as he doesn’t have any other family.  Peter is therefore forced to make Pax, his tamed fox go back into the wild. Yet, Peter isn’t happy there. He decides to run away to find Pax, and go back where they both belong, their home. He finds the courage fueled by his love and loyalty towards the fox. However, the young boy brakes his foot, and he makes a very interesting encounter. He meets Vola, a very interesting woman who has fought in the war! Peter stays there a few weeks to heal. A friendship develops and they are there for each other throughout the book…  The book is narrated alternating between the boy and Pax which makes their journey to find each other even more interesting! I really enjoyed this novel as it is very touching! However, if you are sensitive, there were many many very sad events throughout the story.



Rating: 4 Stars (4 / 5)

Release Date: 2016

Age Suggestion: 10-12

Author: Sara Pennypacker

Publishing House: Balzer + Bray




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