Sisters & Smile

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 3.08.56 PMSisters and  Smile are two different books in the same series that I recently read. They are not novels, but comic books…

In Sisters, the main character, Raina is an only child who really wants a little sister. When she finally gets one, things do not exactly fall in place as Raina had expected: Amara (the little sister) turns out to be very grouchy and prefers to play by herself. Raina immediately hates siblings! Things deteriorate further in Raina’s life when she also gets a little brother, Will. She then realizes that she has no choice and she must find out how to get along with her siblings…

In Smile, Raina would just like to be a normal sixth grader. But when she falls down and breaks her two front teeth, an intense dental adventure begins: she puts and takes her braces out, she wears a headgear and even a disgusting retainer with some fake teeth attached on it!! And that isn’t all, as major earthquake ravages her town! Furthermore, she has to deal with boy drama and she has to face her not-so-amicable friends…

In these books, Raina has to face a lot of problems but they end with Raina’s perfect smile…

I really enjoyed reading them, as they are very easy to read and quite humorous!

Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

Release Date: Smile: 2010       Sisters: 2014

Author: Raina Telgemeler

Age Suggestion: 9-12

Number of books: 2

Publishing House: Scholastic



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