Le carnet d’Allie

Le carnet d’Allie est la série de livres qui narrent la vie d’Allie Punchie, une CM1 (quatrième année) très déterminée et pleine d’énergie! Elle a un carnet où elle note des règles qu’elle a inventées, pour bien se conduire. Certaines règles sont parfois un peu bizarres, comme, par exemple, une de ses préférées, Ne mange jamais rien de … [En savoir plus / Read more…]

Lily and Dunkin

Lily and Dunkin is the story of two teenagers who become friends. They each have their own significant issues, as one is transgender  and the other one has bipolar disorder. Lily, whose initial name was Timothy, fights to obtain hormone blockers in order to become a girl, while Dunkin, whose real name is Norbert has … [En savoir plus / Read more…]

Raymie Nightingale

Raymie Nightingale, is a wonderful book about the friendship of three girls who meet during baton twirling lessons, all there for seemingly very different reasons… Raymie, the main character, is trying to win the Little Miss Central Florida Tire competition to get her picture in the paper, so her dad, who two days earlier had ran away with a … [En savoir plus / Read more…]

The Boy Who Dared

The Boy Who Dared, a book based on a true story about young Helmuth Hübener, the youngest boy ever to have been condemned to death by the Nazis, during World War 2. This story is mostly recounted through flashbacks from his childhood while is in prison in Berlin, convicted of treason, awaiting his death… As a … [En savoir plus / Read more…]


I picked up this book as it was written by the author as a series I really enjoy, Clementine. Pax, is the wonderful friendship story of a young boy, Peter, and Pax, a…fox. When war broke out, Peter’s father voluntarily enrolls in the army. Peter has to go and live with his grandfather, as he doesn’t … [En savoir plus / Read more…]


Drama is a very entertaining graphic novel about a young girl, Callie who absolutely loves theatre. Even though she doesn’t have a good singing voice (she herself admits it is horrible), she is still on the stage crew. When her school announces there will be a production of Moon Over Mississippi, she is very excited! But how can … [En savoir plus / Read more…]


Holes is a book about a teenage boy, Stanley Yelnats (yes, it is a palindrome). He and his family are extremely poor and they believe that they are cursed.  A legend runs through the family, that the dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-(great)-grandfather had once broken a promise to an Egyptian fortune-teller. Because of their unluckiness, Stanley is falsely accused … [En savoir plus / Read more…]

The Saturdays

The Saturdays is the story of the four Melendy children who live in New York in the 1930s: Mona is thirteen years old and would love to become an actress, Rush has a talent for piano, Miranda (Randy) has a passion for dancing and painting, and little Oliver who is six and very kind. They … [En savoir plus / Read more…]


Just finished it and wow, what a great book! August (Auggie) Pullman is a ten year old little boy, who is severely deformed, and has “mandibulofacial dysostosis” a syndrome mostly called ”Treacher Collins Syndrome”, and a ”cleft palate”. Due to his numerous surgeries and medical treatments, he had been homeschooled by his mother. However, his parents decide … [En savoir plus / Read more…]

Ballet Shoes

Ballet Shoes is a wonderful story about three adopted sisters, Pauline, Petrova and Posy Fossil. Each one of them was found when they were babies, by ”Gum” (Great Uncle Mathew), an old  palaeontologist and professor constantly travelling throughout the world. He lives with his great-niece, Sylvia and her nanny from when she was a child. When Gum leaves on … [En savoir plus / Read more…]