Auggie and Me

Auggie and Me is the second book by R.J Palacio, the first one being Wonder.  Both these books are the story of a young boy, August Pullman who has a severe facial deformity, and for the first time goes to normal school. This book isn’t a sequel to Wonder, as it happens at the same time Wonder does. This book, contrarily to Wonder, isn’t narrated by Auggie, the boy with the severely deformed face, but rather by different characters in his environment. This book is divided in three sections, each one narrated by a different person: Julian (the bully), Charlotte (the very neutral girl) and Christopher (Auggie’s oldest friend). What I loved about this book is that not only do we discover the perspective of each person on the same events or issues, but we also discover why each person acted the way they did in Wonder, while peaking into each person’s personal life.  I could say that I almost enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed Wonder. For anyone who would want to read this book (that I strongly suggest) I advise reading Wonder first. It really just adds to the amazing experience of Wonder through a different perspective.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Release Date: 2015

Age Suggestion: 9-13

Author: R.J Palacio

Publishing House: Knopf