Canterwood Crest

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.24.45 PMThe Canterwood Crest series narrates the life of Sasha Silver, and later on Lauren Towers, both students and horseback riders at the very prestigious boarding school, Canterwood Crest. Sasha Silver is a very intelligent teenager who adores lip gloss and horseback riding and owns a adorable horse named Charm. Her best friends are Paige Parker, her roommate at the beginning of this series, Callie Harper, and Brit Chan (who later becomes Sasha’s new roommate).  Heather Fox, a girl who first was her enemy, then becomes her… it would be fair to say… frenemy…  After a few books on Sasha, a new character is introduced: Lauren Towers. She comes from the same town as Sasha, and she used to train at the same stable as her. Sasha Silver has always been Lauren Towers’ idol. Lauren’s  BFF is Khloe Kinsella , her roommate who loves acting. Her enemy is Riley Edwards, a very mean girl. Lauren also has a mare (a female horse) whom she named Whisper. She used to be a horseback riding champion, but she fell and stopped competing (until she arrived at Canterwood Crest). I adore this series and strongly suggest it to girls who are about my age. The combination of horses (my favourite animal), horseback riding competitions and stories of friendships made this series awesome. I read the entire series while on vacation last summer: it was such a page turner that every couple of days, I had to beg my father to download the next book on kindle (by the way, on vacation, kindle or iBooks is the way to go for all you avid readers, to avoid carrying dozens of books in your overloaded luggage!)

Rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Release Date: 2009

Author: Jessica Burkhart

Publishing House: Simon & Schuster

Age Suggestion: 9 to 12

Number of books: 22

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